Group Show
London, UK, June 2021
London Art Biennale


5th edition of London Art Biennale -

After several international accolades, Advait is set to leave his mark on King’s Street. He is thrilled to present his work in London which is the global art capital, that too at the Biennale which is known for its museum-quality curation. Here, you will be able to witness his work, ‘Dragon Kings of the Four Seas’. 

The Art Biennale is known to exhibit artistic excellence from all over the world. Lonnie Schlein Pulitzer Prize winner, New York Times photo editor for over 35 years has once emphasised the global importance of this collection. And now, Advait’s art is set to be placed at this hub.

Mumbai, April 2021
High Flyers 50


A Global Recognition of Outstanding Achievers!


HIGH FLYERS 50 is a beautiful Coffee Table Book, which is one of the most unique books with noble objectives initiated by Film & TV Trade Preview. Carrying 50 success stories of these achievers. The book is available on eBooks platforms. 


Book Launch & Honouring Ceremony

“High Flyers 50” was unveiled at the hands Shri Anup Jalota. All achievers was conferred with the "High Flyers 50 Award of Excellence" amidst the press and media. 

New Delhi, India, January 2020
Global Child Prodigy Award 2020


Advait won the Global Child Prodigy Award in 2020. He was chosen among 15,000 participants across the world, and conferred upon the award in presence of eminent people like Nobel Peace Prize awardee, Grammy awardees, Padma Vibhusan and Padma Bhushan recipients along with Member of Parliaments and so on - putting his artistry on the world map.

Solo Shows
Pier 92, Manhattan , April 2018
New York, USA





Artexpo New York


At the age of four, Advait was the youngest artist this New York show had in over 40 years. He was admired by many, for getting sprightly fresh zeal to the event.



City of Saint John Gallery, CANADA, January 2018




Colour Blizzard


Advait’s first solo international stint with this Canadian exhibition was the talk of the globe. This was a large-scale display of his visionary works, replete with thematic narratives. It was sold out within a week.

Art2Day, India, November 2016





Advait's Creative World

A debut into the art world — this exhibit wow-ed many established commercial artists. It attracted the national media spotlight on the toddler.  

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