4-year-old sells paintings for $2,000 at his own N.B. exhibition

Advait’s art is set to be featured at one of the largest trade shows in New York in April.

Saint John preschooler holds solo art exhibit

The Saint Johner is also the youngest artist in the history of the Saint John Arts Centre to have hi

Art prodigy, 4, 'not just a glob of paint'

When Advait Kolarkar closes his eyes, he sees a world bursting with colour. Walking through the Sain

Three-year-old Saint John boy to have art exhibition next year

Advait Kolarkar sold one of his colourful abstract paintings for more than $500. (CTV Atlantic)

3-year-old painter gears up for gallery exhibition

Advait's paintings are abstract washes of colour, arranged in thick layers. Advait's finished produc

3-year-old artistic prodigy

Three year old Advait Kolarkar will become the youngest artist ever featured at City Gallery in Sain

Meet N.B.'s Painting Prodigy

The 3-year old painting prodigy will become the youngest person to exhibit at the City Gallery in Sa

Small Wonder

Two-and-a-half-year-old Advait's prodigious artistic talent was displayed at an exhibition in the ci

Prodigy lives and loves colors

Toddler's abstracts find prime place at gallery

Toddler’s paintings find space at gallery

Advait Kolarkar is not an average child. He has been painting since he was only eight months old. Th

Advait Kolarkar is not an average child

The imaginative world that Advait lives in helps him naturally understand abstract concepts and seam

Confident Strokes

Advait Kolarkar, a 3-year-old artist, recently held his first painting exhibition at Art2Day Gallery

Fresh Strokes